Health Testing

Health testing is imperative for successful breeding of healthy puppies.

At Proper Klee Kai, all of our breeding dogs are certified OFA-CHIC.

This means they are tested according to the highest standards per the Orthopedic Foundation of America. For the Alaskan Klee Kai, this includes thyroid bloodwork to rule out autoimmune thyroiditis, patella examination by an orthopedic veterinarian, ophthalmic examination by a veterinary ophthalmologist, and cardiac auscultation by a veterinary cardiologist. An optional test per OFA looks at Factor VII deficiency (clotting distorder). We also have this test done on our breeding dogs to ensure all puppies are as healthy as possible. Please visit the OFA’s website for a more detailed explanation of the recommended health testing.

Additional testing we have done involves the genetics and hereditability of our dogs. We test for E-Locus, B-Locus, Fluffy Coat, as well as genetic diversity.

Jax and Juneau are both EE (dominant for passing on pigmented/black coat). You must avoid breeding an Ee dog to another Ee dog, as there is a possibility of a puppy expressing ee coat, which would make them white. A white Alaskan Klee Kai is disqualified for conformation under the UKC breed standard.

Jax and Juneau are both Bb (carrier for red coat). This means their puppies could have red coats!

Jax is Ff (carrier for fluffy coat). This means his puppies could have long/fluffy coats! Juneau does not carry this gene.

Jax and Juneau are both clear for FVII (not affected and not a carrier for Factor VII deficiency).

Jax’s genetic diversity is absolutely stellar for an Alaskan Klee Kai, making him a standout stud. While only his genetic diversity is posted on this website, for anyone interested in using Jax as a stud, all genetic test results are available upon request. You can also find Jax on the OFA’s website to see his OFA Chic certification. Juneau also earned her OFA Chic certification, so you can also find Juneau on the OFA’s website.

Regardless of the breed of puppy you buy, you should only purchase puppies from quality, health-tested parents. Health testing is never a guarantee for a healthy puppy, but it ensures the breeder has done everything possible to increase the odds of having healthy puppies!

Additionally, please only purchase an Alaskan Klee Kai from an AKKAOA approved breeder! There are unfortunately many scammers out there selling mixed breed dogs as Klee Kai.

We are an AKKAOA approved breeder in Colorado. To find other approved breeders, click here!

UC Davis Diversity panel results, IR = -0.17